B Strand (strand) wrote,
B Strand

Some Concerns

I was going to make this friends only, but who cares–we’re all friends on the internet.

Concerns for the week:

  • I need to gemify my little project password_dynamo. Initially, I worte it as a Sinatra web app that does one thing, returns a password with four common words as a web page. I wonder if the gem will have a command line component like the ’t’ gem, or might add methods like the ‘twitter’ gem. Hrm.

  • Anyhow, that gemifying project is for the Ruby certificate program I’ve been taking at UW. It’s taught by Reneé De Voursney–she’s a rad teacher. I’m really enjoying this class.

  • Thursday is Thanksgiving with Wendy’s parents. Friday we’re hosting a dinner with friends. It’ll be avery socially full holiday.

  • In response today has been very logistics of food related. Wendy and I went shopping to stock up before the grocery stores go absolutely nuts. We filled carts at Safeway and Trader Joe’s… Made a long list before we headed out. I even went so far as to plan our meals for the next three days.

  • I spent a little bit of time improving Make Better Mistakes and working on my reboot of Strabd.com. Still trying to figure out what my internet persona is. I think he’s somewhat like me, but he talks about beer and cheese more.

Concerns for the end of the year:

  • I’m really trying to do a better job at making time for learning outside of work. I’m not busy, I keep a fair amount of free time to just be with myself. But I find it difficult to shift into spending an hour or two on looking at more code. Oh, who am I kidding, I spent a few hours poking at a Sinatra projecthis weekend and I loved it. I just feel like I should be doing more, but I don’t know that I have the spare attention to dive into something new.

  • Live frugally in the next month. I want to recuperate and rest as we approach the start of Winter. This year has been a lot of moving and now that it has stopped, I want to see if I can just enjoy where I am for a few.

  • I want to enjoy my home, which means eating good food, sipping good beers, playing my guitar… but I also want to get into contributing with some open source projects, because I know a few neat folks who I admire that make open source contributions, and I want to be like them.

Lucky and Smiling, Strand


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