B Strand (strand) wrote,
B Strand

From Twitter 05-13-2011

  • 08:15:40: RT @JPBarlow: You can learn a lot more about Practical Anarchy in Detroit at the moment than you can at Burning Man.
  • 08:42:11: RT @mcmoots: You know how sometimes you realize that you had an alternate interpretation of an earlier conversation & thus said wrong th ...
  • 12:26:22: Anxiety, like woah!
  • 13:15:28: @mcmoots It's that or the sunshine, and I like sunshine.
  • 13:16:19: @Ttalsnov Thank you, sir.
  • 13:20:31: RT @busterbenson: Don't be afraid that being afraid is the only thing that keeps the things you're afraid of from getting you.
  • 13:26:10: @FarMcKon But Lex Luthor is bald.
  • 13:28:24: @Goopypanther I prefer an em dash to the double en, but will use one in a pinch.
  • 13:41:43: Someone should make an herbal tea blend called "calm the fuck down" so I can pour myself a glass of "calm the fuck down."
  • 14:56:07: @aerobicfish I think I'm not getting enough fiber. Or I need a weekend. Or I'm not doing enough maintenance. Or I need more sunshine and fre
  • 21:04:26: @aerobicfish There should be an Arial dog what looks almost like the Helvetica dog.
  • 21:05:24: @EGBridge Add "acquire commas" to the list.
  • 21:20:27: RT @KrispyJ: Everyone's telling me The Rapture is coming on May 21st, BUT NO ONE WILL TELL ME WHERE THEY'RE PLAYING! WTF? I'm sick of se ...
  • 23:22:24: RT @abraham: Hacker Writing Style - “This sentence no verb”, “Too repetetetive”, “Bad speling”, “Incorrectspa cing.”- http://goo.gl/cvT6s

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