B Strand (strand) wrote,
B Strand

From Twitter 05-11-2011

  • 15:53:15: From now on '{' shall be known as "left moustache," and '}' as "right moustache."
  • 18:02:15: RT @mattrebeiro: One of the most important things you learn from the internet is that there is no ‘them’ out there, just an awful lot of ...
  • 18:20:01: @vonslatt My father worked in construction. Broke his leg when I was young, has knee and shoulder issues from the work. I prefer keyboards.
  • 18:26:37: @lunasidhe Sounds nom-alicious, are you making that chili?
  • 18:29:26: @isafarnik If you were, then you would think this song is about you.
  • 19:59:51: RT @FarMcKon: "mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git://android.git.kernel.org/platform/manifest.git ; repo sync ; make" NOPE! #b ...
  • 19:59:55: RT @FarMcKon: (aka Android 3.0 is not open source http://bit.ly/hYnRAH )
  • 20:00:34: @lunasidhe I was the kid who liked mushroom pizza.
  • 20:10:10: RT @chentiffy: Fierce, Feminist Beats - The Rumpus.net http://tinyurl.com/3bov7gu
  • 20:39:02: @vonslatt I pace around the office and take workout breaks. Also can't beat nail guns or Hole Hawgs: http://s.coop/1dzw

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