B Strand (strand) wrote,
B Strand

From Twitter 05-08-2011

  • 13:32:33: RT @JPBarlow: Excellent analysis of Great Firewall by @EthanZ. It's less about power than culture & stability. http://bit.ly/mCZcMQ
  • 16:12:27: "If you want to write long sentences, be a genius. Or at least make sure the sentence is under control from beginning to end…"-W Zinsser

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    I was going to make this friends only, but who cares–we’re all friends on the internet. Concerns for the week: I need to gemify my little…

  • From Twitter 05-14-2011

    09:00:00: RT @megmander: "fuck you!" said my roommate! "Give me the saxon origin of the word!" 12:21:42: RT @JPBarlow: The problem with…

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    08:15:40: RT @JPBarlow: You can learn a lot more about Practical Anarchy in Detroit at the moment than you can at Burning Man. 08:42:11: RT…

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